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Zoe Grey

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One of the hottest rising stars in the biz, UK porn babe Zoe Grey’s big fake tits and tasty curves will blow your mind! Describing herself as "open minded, alternative, and fun," the former beautician enjoys the swinging lifestyle off camera, and she often fantasizes about being at the center of a gangbang. Luckily, her long-term boyfriend isn’t the jealous type. On the contrary, he loves it when Zoe sleeps with other men while he’s at work, and she often sends him naughty videos and images to let him know what she’s been up to! The ever-horny pair frequently visit sex clubs to pick up different partners, and Zoe is hoping that in the future there will be less stigmatization towards couples who have open relationships and like to swing. Back home in London, the tatted-up Brit is a dab hand at cooking, and having a sweet tooth, she loves eating cakes and chocolate treats. In her free time, Zoe can often be found reinvigorating her mind and body either through reading or doing yoga. Check out this bisexual beauty in her saucy scenes below!

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